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Why choose Flint

At Flint Packaging, our model is simple: we invest the time in understanding our clients requirements up front so we can truly appreciate your operating challenges, market opportunities and packaging needs, and design a set of solutions uniquely tailored to your business. Then we back our service up with unmatched packaging products, iron-tight quality control and dependable on-time delivery. With all our services and manufacturing under one roof, we have complete control over the entire project scope. From concept and design to production, inventory and logistics, we have the expertise and range of services to support your business in ways very few packaging firms can offer.

We serve your industry

Our diversity is our strength. It’s an invaluable part of our genuinely Canadian DNA. We collaborate and develop packaging solutions for clients representing a wide range of industries and verticals. This multi-faceted approach has allowed our teams to incorporate key learnings and best practices gleaned from one industry sector into our overall service offering. In addition to working directly with clients, we can also package our solutions anonymously as a white label service offering.


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Stock and release program

Our stock and release program is another innovative way we save our clients money, time and unnecessary stress by helping them stay a step ahead of their sales. The way this program works is that when a client issues a blanket purchase order, we produce and ship the initial release, and immediately manufacture the next release and hold it in our inventory. When our client issues their next release, we’re ready to ship that order right away, and we repeat this process until the total amount on the blanket order is fulfilled. Ask your Flint Packaging sales consultant how you can participate in our stock and release program today.

“Flint Packaging has built a combination program of run-to-order and ship-from-stock which has resulted in competitive pricing and minimizes inventory on the plant floor. Lead times are short and consistent, deliveries are prompt, and quality has never been an issue.”

Rob Howe, Royal Building Products

Just-in-time packaging and delivery

Trust Flint Packaging to help manage your supply chain so you can manage your business. Through our deep experience in inventory control and logistics, extensive warehousing capabilities and meticulous attention to detail, we offer a Just-in-time (JIT) packaging and delivery program for our clients. This inventory management program increases your business efficiencies, saves overhead and frees up valuable space in your facility by only shipping you your goods as needed, not all at once.


Why FLiNT ?


Prototypes and samples

When we collaborate on a new package design, it’s important to make sure that all the folds, diecuts and inserts work the way they were intended. We want to make sure we get exactly what we’re looking for before we go to press. That’s why we typically develop a physical prototype or sample so we know that what was developed on a two-dimensional computer screen holds true in the real world. If we discover any unexpected issues, this phase allows us to go back and make refinements to the design file and prototype again until we’re ready to go to press.

Custom box design

We put your unique signature on everything we create. As experts in custom box design, our in-house creative team of structural designers and production designers can help develop a unique packaging concept that delivers on your brand promise and supports your business goals. Our attention to detail, intimate knowledge of the latest packaging materials and finishes, and client-centric design process ensures we’ll bring your design vision to life.


Inventory management services

We’re invested in your supply chain, which is why we offer inventory management services to help uncover efficiencies in the way your supply chain performs. Through this program, we carefully review current inventory requirements and identify usage patterns to calculate future needs. This allows us to accurately anticipate what packaging supplies you’ll need and when you’ll need them. Your sales consultant can also complete a physical inventory of your premises and make recommendations.


Lot traceability

For our food and beverage clients, we provide lot traceability services to help keep you on top of your supply chain. Our lot traceability software allows us to track manufactured lots and batches from the production stage to point of sale. If there’s a defect or hazard in the ingredients of one of your products, we can respond quickly and recall that specific lot.


Quality control that goes beyond

We are quality obsessed. That’s why we’ve developed a proprietary 18-step quality control program that ensures every job we complete is produced to the highest standards. We also go to the extra length of understanding our clients own quality control measures and adapt our procedures to provide a customized approach within our comprehensive 18-step program, establishing a foundation for long-term client success.


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